Welcome to the Transcend Project!

The Transcend Project is a place for Harrisburg to talk.

In our day and age, it's hard to find a place to meet new people and hear what they have to say about life, faith, struggles, the good times, what's going right, and what's gone wrong.

We all have these big questions we're working through like, "why are we here?" or "why is life the way it is?" or "is there hope for us? for Harrisburg?" Instead of just having another site where a couple of people tell you what they think, we hope the Transcend Project will be a place for all of us to share what we think: you, me, and the neighbor we've both never met. This is a ministry of Transcend Church Harrisburg at 1801 State St. that you can learn more about online.

Our hope is that the Transcend Project would be a place to talk about about life and about the stories all of us live; a chance to explore our common bond as humans, our common home in Harrisburg, and, most importantly, the hope we have found in Jesus.