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Yes, We Do Halloween

If you’re lucky this will come as a surprise to you: Christians fight about Halloween sometimes. Some choose to participate in the holiday’s activities, some refuse, and some split the middle, maybe having a “harvest party” instead.

Now, I’m not going to pretend that some, maybe all, of the Halloween customs we see today have evil or demonic roots: witches, vampires, ghosts, etc. And though you’ll see those costumes around trick-or-treating and parties, you’ll also see Batman, astronauts, dogs, and likely a horde of Harambe (RIP). Because regardless of what Halloween was, today it’s just a night for fun. Sure, people will get into trouble or commit crimes and vandalism on Halloween but that stuff happens the other 364 days of the year too.

Today, Halloween is just a day for kids…and adults…to put on fun costumes, get some candy, have a get together, and make memories with family and friends.

That’s why we at the Transcend Project and Transcend Church will be jumping in on the Halloween fun this week. On Thursday night we’ll be outside the church at 18th and State handing our candy and popcorn to trick-or-treaters that swing by. Instead of grumbling at home with the lights off, we’ll be acting scared of the ninja, complimenting the Elsas and awkwardly laughing at the Hillary and Trump masks. They’re not going out that night to devour souls or summon demonic activity, they’re just out for some candy and some laughs.

And we do love laughing…and candy…but who doesn’t, “gimme a break” *wink wink*

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