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Not a Bad Way to Live

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Written by Lesa

Imagine that you’re the leader of a brand new country. You have to decide on the new laws and a code of conduct so that people know what is expected of them; what would it say? How would you want people to live?

Here’s my list:

Live in peace and harmony with everyone.
Genuinely love others as you love yourself.
Don’t be lazy – work hard.
Be patient when life is hard.
Be eager to take care of others.
Be humble.
Don’t steal, murder, or commit adultery.
Pay your taxes and respect authority.
Don’t be jealous of others but be content with what you have.
Be grateful.
Don’t get drunk and do evil things as a result.
Don’t lie.
Never pay back evil with evil.
Don’t owe anyone anything.

This doesn’t sound so bad, does it?

Guess what? It’s from the Bible. These are things the Lord has told us to do – or not do – and they make sense, don’t they?

The Bible’s “rules” can be summed up like this: Love God and love others. That’s it.

If you love God and others, then you won’t do things to harm your neighbor. You won’t steal, lie, murder, destroy, harm. Instead, you’ll live in harmony with those around you.

Can you imagine how lovely life would be if we all lived like this?

For further reading, see Exodus 20: 1-17, Romans 12: 1-21, Romans 13: 1-14 ,Ephesians 4:17-32, to name a few.

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