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Racism: What Can WE Do?


A while back when we at Transcend Church felt that God wanted us to move from the suburbs of Harrisburg into the city, we knew that we weren’t going to fit in necessarily. We knew that we were going to have to be patient with ourselves and trust God as we tried to figure out our place in this new community.

As our country is enduring a period of tension, pain, and anger as it relates to racism, we have found ourselves feeling even less prepared to be a part of this community. We have no intention of giving up or walking away – if anything, the current events make us want to lean in closer to this new community we feel God has called us to. But, it also reminds us that we have to pursue a genuine humility as we try to find our place here in the heart of Harrisburg.

I’ll be honest: at this point we’re a very white group, and there’s no reason to pretend that our church or The Transcend Project is something that it’s not. BUT we would love to see The Transcend Project and Transcend Church family be diverse in every way imaginable. We want to see people of all ages, people of all races, people of all professions, and people of all backgrounds come together and move beyond the typical things that separate us. We want to become what many of us, regardless of what we believe, would agree is a good and beautiful situation: a surge of unity within our community and within our city.

We want to make an impact here, we want to love our community well, and we want to be faithful to what God wants us to do; but, if we’re going to be honest, we don’t know how to do that. Sure, there are big things like the elections and social media campaigns to jump on…but we could’ve done that from the suburbs. We’re in the city now, we are in this neighborhood to stay.

So our question is: what can we do? We’re not asking simply “what can white people do” or anything like that but specifically “what can WE do?” There are about fifty or sixty of us that are a part of the Transcend Church community and we want to know: What can we do? Not “what can other people do” but what specifically can our little “family” do? What can we do to help YOU?

I think if we’re honest we know that racism isn’t something that we can just wipe away in a moment. We can look at history and see that racism seems to be one of the things that has plagued mankind for centuries. So, would we love to see racism gone and would we love to see people treated with respect across the board? Absolutely. But we don’t have the ability to make that happen simply because we’re just a rag-tag group of Christians trying to do their best.

So, in our city and in our neighborhood, what can we do to foster and encourage unity, love, and real friendship with you?

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