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Getting the Order Right

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Written by Drew

In the Old Testament, there are at least nine occasions where Israel is specifically called out for “bowing down and worshiping other gods” and plenty more instances where we see idol worship leading the people away from truth. Though in Harrisburg we don’t have many people telling us to “bow down to their god,” the temptation is still there and can play out in our lives with just as much passion, even if it is missing the bowing posture.

Looking at our lives today, we should see two major issues with bowing down and worshiping idols like money, sex, fame, etc.

1) Our gods and idols are created things; things made for us; for our use or enjoyment, things that were placed beneath us in the creation. But, when we make these created things our idols, we subject ourselves to them. In subjecting ourselves to created things, we push ourselves further into our brokenness. Because man was created to have dominion over the creation we then dishonor ourselves, and ultimately our Maker, by relinquishing our dominance over the creation by submitting to it and making it our god.

2) On the opposite side, idolizing these things or people is wrong because it not only drags us down and further muddies His design, but also tries to remove God from His rightful place at the top of the chain. In fact, many times we’ll even try to use God to get our idols. We’ll beg God to provide us with our desires when really the things we are asking Him for are our real god/priority. The order was established for a reason.

As a loving Father, God has given us – His children – good gifts, and He wants us to enjoy them and, in enjoying them, to enjoy Him as the giver. We should be very cautious that we don’t fall in love with the gifts and forsake the Giver. Those gifts can only give so much before they wear out. God, on the other hand, cannot be exhausted or insufficient.

Bow Down

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