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“We Need to Talk” and Other Things That Make Us Squirm

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Written by Drew

Let’s be honest: there are some things that we just never seem “ready” to talk about. Conversations that drive us beyond the realm of “uncomfortable” and into fray of “help, get me out of here!” We’ll shoot the breeze with people easy enough, talk about the game or lunch plans, but sometimes those things that really matter in life get swept under the rug.

For instance we probably all know what it feels like to get that dreaded text: we need to talk. Who knows that time bomb is ticking when that comes in (or maybe scarier is when you know exactly what that bomb may be). Whatever conversation is about to happen is likely going to usher in some type of change and most of us receiving that text aren’t ready for that change.

What else won’t we talk about though?

I just read a book that over and over again proved how good it is for everyone to talk about our own mortality; to talk about death. It can help us prepare, help our families heal afterward, think about what’s important in life, etc. But we won’t talk about it and when we do, it’s usually too late. We talk about and prepare for so many things in life, but we’re so afraid of what may be on the other side, we choose to ignore it.

And then there’s the really big questions like:
Why are we here? Why am I here?
Why do bad things happen?
Where do we get our ideas of right and wrong from?
Is there a God or are we on our own?
And the list goes on and on.

These are things I think about a lot, and I’d bet you do too sometimes. But we won’t talk about it with each other. When a kid asks one of these questions we nervously laugh do our best to explain, but a lot of people can’t really give an answer to these questions. Science, materialism, and our culture can’t seem to give real answers without ripping the life right out of us. I’ve had several friends refuse to go very far into these conversations: no way man, I’m not going there. I can’t blame them though. If you dabble into some of these questions, you may find yourself with every good reason to be afraid of what the world’s answers are.

So what about you? When do you draw the line in the sand and say “I’m not going there”? Why is that? Are you afraid of change? Afraid of the unknown? Afraid of the answers you may find? This stuff’s scary because it’s important.

Being afraid is normal, but don’t live your life in hiding; be brave and talk about it.

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