A letter, from us to you

Hey! Just so you’re aware, you’re not here by accident. Maybe you’ve been browsing the interwebs looking for hilarious pictures of dogs, or blogs about fitness routines and recipes and you somehow ended up here. Just me? Okay, never mind then…

You’re here because there’s a part of you that was drawn to this page, a piece of yourself that wonders about things you don’t understand. Maybe you want to understand. Maybe you’re looking for answers. Maybe you’re upset or sad or alone. I don’t know your story, but I can guarantee there’s someone who does.

There’s someone who sees it all: the hurt, the confusion, the anger, the fear. He sees the joy, the laughter, the excitement, and the hope, too. Maybe I don’t understand you, but He does. God sees. He knows and He cares, whether you believe He exists or not.

Do me a favor, though: before you proceed, open your mind a bit. Forget what you think you know based on the media or what someone once told you. Forget that someone did a really crappy job of telling you or showing you who Jesus is.

Just listen…you might find something you never knew you always wanted.